Sunday, 29 April 2012


Assalamualaikum and a very good evening to all!!!!^^
well, im so bored..and i have nothing to share in my entry for this time..
so, i guess mybe i should just tell about MYSELF....;p

okay,,that is not the real me..(pix above showing that i was in mood to pose in front of camera,,sory its kinda 'gedik' skit..huu)...hahha..actually im juz like this..

and more to this...(below)

hahahahahaahaksss,,,well... i guess that u ALL could guess that im actually a SPECKY short-sightedness and my power now is 500 for both eyes...

why did im not wearing spectacle???well, obviously, of coz im wearing lens..;)
actually, i kinda dislike wearing spectacle,,,that is because :

1) it make my face look old..(bnyk org ckp cmtu..T_T)...huuu.... (x nk tua dr umo btol)

2) it make me feel uncomfortable becoz i keep feeling that something is covering my sight (bingkai spect kowt),,haha

3) there was actually a history bhind my spectacle..(my teacher once, never allowed me to play netball bcoz he said that the ball might broke my spect and could hit my eyes....T_T..i kinda sad bcoz i want to take part badly..n bcoz of his deed, i had never participate in any, i thought myb if i start to wear lens, it could be easier n safe for me to play it..^^)

4) n now, i have get use to it, so i rarely wear spect except at home..

that's all about my, i hope u guys dont misjudge wearing lens ,not too follow the fashion, but im wearing it for my benefits...u guys also can wear it too, but u have to be careful on how to 'handle' it..;)

take a very good care of your eyes okay...

thats all from me....salam,,

Hari Raya and Merdeka Day in college!!

Asalamualaikum and Salam 1 malaysia...

Heyy, today I don't feel like doing anything,, I just wanna face my laptop...My fingers are very eager to type the entry, and I just let it go,,lalalalaala

Well, me as a Muslim , I am very pleased to celebrate my tradition celebration which is Hari Raya. In fact, I also love to celebrate Merdeka day, which the day Malaysia got independent from British and its also the day I born.. hahaha

why do I like Hari raya??

Because Its the celebration to show the winning of Muslims all over the world towards all past war lives. 

We, as muslims have to appreciate and respects  our ancesstors..

So , we really mean the celebration and celebrate it with full of Barakah..

this event has been organised at college last year,, these are some of the pictures along the day..

that's is it,,,The end..^^



watcha doing, guys?? having fun?haha, that's great..

My entry today, is about my previous pets.. I used to rare rabbit, cat, fish, tortoise, and bird. 

But the most sad thing is, my rabbit has died after giving birth to her little 'kids',,but she died with all 9 kids with her.  
Same thing goes to my cats.. I used to have a kitten named 'Mimi',,but its get affected by a disease, so my mom afraid that it could harm our family's health, so she thrown it away.. I also used to rare 3 kitten next 4 years. It also get affected, and we have to send it to veterinar, and we release them to my Aunt's house..

I also used to rare a bird.. but it get stolen by someone who is selfish.. and now, I do afraid to rare animals.. Because I will be very unfortunate in this things...

thats so sad,,,;(

my CHILDHOOD love..

Asalamualaikum,,,,Salam 1 Malaysia,,,

heyy, how's your life going??great?? not really?

well, my fingers just need an exercise,,so I guess by updating my blog could make my fingers 'fit'.hehe..

when you are alone, you will keep thinking about the past, right?

so do I..

I always think about the past of my life,,every nice and bad memories are still remain in my mind..

Once, I do have a friend,,,,very very very best friend.. The person is  a BOY... I knew him since I was 10 year old I guess... He just transferred to my neighbourhood area one day.. We became friends..We play together, eat together, fight together, laugh together, sing together, cry together, climb up trees together and almost everything we did, we were TOGETHER..

I know it seems weird to have 'love' feeling at very young age, but I am sure that every people do has this first love story in life. 

Actually I don't really know about his full name. But I called him Iwan. He is so nice, funny, love drawing, understand me, always be beside me, always be my problem-solver and so on. I missed him so much as we have been separated since we were 10 years old..I tranferred to Kedah, and he still there, in Pahang. 

I just hope one day, I could find him,, do past things again with him, tell him my feeling.... but, now I just can pray for him wherever he live right now, whatever he do in his life, and I hope success will be always together with him,,

thats all..thank you,,^^

Sunday, 22 April 2012


Assalamualaikum,,,,,,n Salam 1 Malaysia!

well, there are actually so many activities that held in my college, recently,,,,
for this entry, I decided to share with you all (dear cutest viewers) hehehee, about some of the events....Let's explore!

We had a 'SUKANTARA' event last week,,where it held at Sri Puteri school at Cyberjaya..
This event is to make students know how to organise 'sukantara' smoothly, and also to make students feel energetic after a long time without this kind of event.

For me, i kinda happy and enjoy myself with this event because I had improve a lot of athletics skills since my school time.

These are some pictures of epic moments along the game..

before the event...

Vanessa...hehe,see who at the back?hehe

me,, FLYING!hahaha

ready for 100metre race.. Ijat, Amirah, Akmal, Sean..

lots of actions! LOL


miss maya and fiona,,,

jump up up!!!


one of the best organiser, Bella Halim,,;)

me,,after race,,can you see the BURN on my face???? -,-

Overall I think I had help much to give points to my class. Even I know I am not too great on sports, I think I had give my best and full commitment in this event..Alhamdulillah,,^^

~That's all~

Thursday, 19 April 2012


Assalamualaikum cinta,,,,,hehehehhehe

Salam 1 Malaysia,,,

Well, today I just want to share with you all (the cutest viewers ever), about my FAVOURITE FOOD!! hehehehe,,I really LOVE to eat...!

hehehehe,,talk about food,,,,I really love  Batik Cake !!!  


Because its tasty!

Because its in chocolate flavour!

Because its look very nice!

Because its sweet!

And I really love Marie Biscuits..;p

hmm,,actually, this Batik cake is really easy to make..
First , you must prepare ;

Marie Biscuits!....(break it into small pieces,okay?)

Almonds Slices.. (not too necessary, just if you want to make your cake feel crunchy,,)

F&N milk,,(only half of tin, if not it will be too sweet,)

Dark Chocolate compound..(you can also use Milo..)

Buttercup,,,(only 3 spoon ,okay?)

Let start!!!!!!!

Mix butter, F&N milk, and Dark chocolate in a pot...

Cook all mixture using double -boiling method until it fully melt. Then, turn off the stove.

Put in Marie biscuits which have we broke it into pieces , and also sliced almonds into the mixture..Mix them together..

Then, pour it into a Tupperware or brass, which has been covered by aluminium foil ( make the cakes come out easier)...
Press those mixture until there is no little tiny space.. You can use spoon or anything that could help you for the 'pressing' stage..

Keep it in refrigerator for about 4 hours....

Batik cake is ready to be serve!!! Yummy!!^^

You can try it,,so simple, easy and delicious!

try it, no doubt.,hehehe

that's all from me,,,

Thank you,,,^_^

Monday, 16 April 2012

Assalamualaikum!!!! and a very3 good afternoon to all viewers !!
(don't know whether there are viewers or not..;p)

What's up dude? What's up girls?? ^_^

I think you know what I am gonna share with you today....LOL

On 31st August 1993, a gorgeous baby girl (hehehehe) was born at about 1 p.m at Hospital Besar Alor Star , Kedah. She was born with 3.4 kg weight (woah, kinda heavy, right?) She is the eldest in her family.. She has lovely parents name Tengku Nasir bin. Tengku Abd. Rahman and Sabariah bt. Omar , a naughty younger brother, Tengku Muhammad Amirul Ashraff and a big-headed younger sister name Tengku Nur Aliya Natasha. 

She had her early education at Assunta Kindergarten , SK Assunta Convent, SK Tanah Putih Baru, SK Jalan Datuk Kumbar , SMK Sultanah Asma, Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin,and currently now in Kirkby International College. She is  strict, kinda big-headed, outspoken, like to help people, sometimes cold, sometimes warm, respect older people, kinda mystery (well, her friend said that to her), and last but not least, she always put her family first on everything she does. 

She loves horror movies, korean , english and nasyid songs, laugh out loud, make suprise to people or make people around her happy.. The most important is she loves Green colour so much. Almost all her stuffs are in green. For her, Green give her calm and freshness.

Talking about food, she loves to eat her mom's cooks, batik cake, nasi ayam, McD, KFC, Nescafe, Coffee, Carrot juice and lots more. In her opinion, she would rather fill up her stomach first before doing something that could get her hungry. 

Well she who-to-be story in those above is me, myself TENGKU ANIS DIANA SHAHIRA bt. TENGKU NASIR. People call me Tengku, Anis, Edira, Edi, Kakak and Dira, currently stay at B100, Taman Derga Jaya, Jalan Datuk Kumbar, 05350 Alor Star , Kedah. Anything that you want to say or share with me, can surely reach me with email at, or at Facebook (same email) ,or Twitter ( QAnisDianaShah)..feel free to contact me, okay??


Well, I guess that's all from me, .....