Monday, 16 April 2012

Assalamualaikum!!!! and a very3 good afternoon to all viewers !!
(don't know whether there are viewers or not..;p)

What's up dude? What's up girls?? ^_^

I think you know what I am gonna share with you today....LOL

On 31st August 1993, a gorgeous baby girl (hehehehe) was born at about 1 p.m at Hospital Besar Alor Star , Kedah. She was born with 3.4 kg weight (woah, kinda heavy, right?) She is the eldest in her family.. She has lovely parents name Tengku Nasir bin. Tengku Abd. Rahman and Sabariah bt. Omar , a naughty younger brother, Tengku Muhammad Amirul Ashraff and a big-headed younger sister name Tengku Nur Aliya Natasha. 

She had her early education at Assunta Kindergarten , SK Assunta Convent, SK Tanah Putih Baru, SK Jalan Datuk Kumbar , SMK Sultanah Asma, Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin,and currently now in Kirkby International College. She is  strict, kinda big-headed, outspoken, like to help people, sometimes cold, sometimes warm, respect older people, kinda mystery (well, her friend said that to her), and last but not least, she always put her family first on everything she does. 

She loves horror movies, korean , english and nasyid songs, laugh out loud, make suprise to people or make people around her happy.. The most important is she loves Green colour so much. Almost all her stuffs are in green. For her, Green give her calm and freshness.

Talking about food, she loves to eat her mom's cooks, batik cake, nasi ayam, McD, KFC, Nescafe, Coffee, Carrot juice and lots more. In her opinion, she would rather fill up her stomach first before doing something that could get her hungry. 

Well she who-to-be story in those above is me, myself TENGKU ANIS DIANA SHAHIRA bt. TENGKU NASIR. People call me Tengku, Anis, Edira, Edi, Kakak and Dira, currently stay at B100, Taman Derga Jaya, Jalan Datuk Kumbar, 05350 Alor Star , Kedah. Anything that you want to say or share with me, can surely reach me with email at, or at Facebook (same email) ,or Twitter ( QAnisDianaShah)..feel free to contact me, okay??


Well, I guess that's all from me, .....


  1. weyh...kirby kolej??..kos ap..??..:))

  2. kat cyberjya,,kolej bru nih,,hehe