Sunday, 22 April 2012


Assalamualaikum,,,,,,n Salam 1 Malaysia!

well, there are actually so many activities that held in my college, recently,,,,
for this entry, I decided to share with you all (dear cutest viewers) hehehee, about some of the events....Let's explore!

We had a 'SUKANTARA' event last week,,where it held at Sri Puteri school at Cyberjaya..
This event is to make students know how to organise 'sukantara' smoothly, and also to make students feel energetic after a long time without this kind of event.

For me, i kinda happy and enjoy myself with this event because I had improve a lot of athletics skills since my school time.

These are some pictures of epic moments along the game..

before the event...

Vanessa...hehe,see who at the back?hehe

me,, FLYING!hahaha

ready for 100metre race.. Ijat, Amirah, Akmal, Sean..

lots of actions! LOL


miss maya and fiona,,,

jump up up!!!


one of the best organiser, Bella Halim,,;)

me,,after race,,can you see the BURN on my face???? -,-

Overall I think I had help much to give points to my class. Even I know I am not too great on sports, I think I had give my best and full commitment in this event..Alhamdulillah,,^^

~That's all~

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