Sunday, 29 April 2012


Assalamualaikum and a very good evening to all!!!!^^
well, im so bored..and i have nothing to share in my entry for this time..
so, i guess mybe i should just tell about MYSELF....;p

okay,,that is not the real me..(pix above showing that i was in mood to pose in front of camera,,sory its kinda 'gedik' skit..huu)...hahha..actually im juz like this..

and more to this...(below)

hahahahahaahaksss,,,well... i guess that u ALL could guess that im actually a SPECKY short-sightedness and my power now is 500 for both eyes...

why did im not wearing spectacle???well, obviously, of coz im wearing lens..;)
actually, i kinda dislike wearing spectacle,,,that is because :

1) it make my face look old..(bnyk org ckp cmtu..T_T)...huuu.... (x nk tua dr umo btol)

2) it make me feel uncomfortable becoz i keep feeling that something is covering my sight (bingkai spect kowt),,haha

3) there was actually a history bhind my spectacle..(my teacher once, never allowed me to play netball bcoz he said that the ball might broke my spect and could hit my eyes....T_T..i kinda sad bcoz i want to take part badly..n bcoz of his deed, i had never participate in any, i thought myb if i start to wear lens, it could be easier n safe for me to play it..^^)

4) n now, i have get use to it, so i rarely wear spect except at home..

that's all about my, i hope u guys dont misjudge wearing lens ,not too follow the fashion, but im wearing it for my benefits...u guys also can wear it too, but u have to be careful on how to 'handle' it..;)

take a very good care of your eyes okay...

thats all from me....salam,,

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