Sunday, 29 April 2012

my CHILDHOOD love..

Asalamualaikum,,,,Salam 1 Malaysia,,,

heyy, how's your life going??great?? not really?

well, my fingers just need an exercise,,so I guess by updating my blog could make my fingers 'fit'.hehe..

when you are alone, you will keep thinking about the past, right?

so do I..

I always think about the past of my life,,every nice and bad memories are still remain in my mind..

Once, I do have a friend,,,,very very very best friend.. The person is  a BOY... I knew him since I was 10 year old I guess... He just transferred to my neighbourhood area one day.. We became friends..We play together, eat together, fight together, laugh together, sing together, cry together, climb up trees together and almost everything we did, we were TOGETHER..

I know it seems weird to have 'love' feeling at very young age, but I am sure that every people do has this first love story in life. 

Actually I don't really know about his full name. But I called him Iwan. He is so nice, funny, love drawing, understand me, always be beside me, always be my problem-solver and so on. I missed him so much as we have been separated since we were 10 years old..I tranferred to Kedah, and he still there, in Pahang. 

I just hope one day, I could find him,, do past things again with him, tell him my feeling.... but, now I just can pray for him wherever he live right now, whatever he do in his life, and I hope success will be always together with him,,

thats all..thank you,,^^

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