Sunday, 29 April 2012



watcha doing, guys?? having fun?haha, that's great..

My entry today, is about my previous pets.. I used to rare rabbit, cat, fish, tortoise, and bird. 

But the most sad thing is, my rabbit has died after giving birth to her little 'kids',,but she died with all 9 kids with her.  
Same thing goes to my cats.. I used to have a kitten named 'Mimi',,but its get affected by a disease, so my mom afraid that it could harm our family's health, so she thrown it away.. I also used to rare 3 kitten next 4 years. It also get affected, and we have to send it to veterinar, and we release them to my Aunt's house..

I also used to rare a bird.. but it get stolen by someone who is selfish.. and now, I do afraid to rare animals.. Because I will be very unfortunate in this things...

thats so sad,,,;(

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