Thursday, 19 April 2012


Assalamualaikum cinta,,,,,hehehehhehe

Salam 1 Malaysia,,,

Well, today I just want to share with you all (the cutest viewers ever), about my FAVOURITE FOOD!! hehehehe,,I really LOVE to eat...!

hehehehe,,talk about food,,,,I really love  Batik Cake !!!  


Because its tasty!

Because its in chocolate flavour!

Because its look very nice!

Because its sweet!

And I really love Marie Biscuits..;p

hmm,,actually, this Batik cake is really easy to make..
First , you must prepare ;

Marie Biscuits!....(break it into small pieces,okay?)

Almonds Slices.. (not too necessary, just if you want to make your cake feel crunchy,,)

F&N milk,,(only half of tin, if not it will be too sweet,)

Dark Chocolate compound..(you can also use Milo..)

Buttercup,,,(only 3 spoon ,okay?)

Let start!!!!!!!

Mix butter, F&N milk, and Dark chocolate in a pot...

Cook all mixture using double -boiling method until it fully melt. Then, turn off the stove.

Put in Marie biscuits which have we broke it into pieces , and also sliced almonds into the mixture..Mix them together..

Then, pour it into a Tupperware or brass, which has been covered by aluminium foil ( make the cakes come out easier)...
Press those mixture until there is no little tiny space.. You can use spoon or anything that could help you for the 'pressing' stage..

Keep it in refrigerator for about 4 hours....

Batik cake is ready to be serve!!! Yummy!!^^

You can try it,,so simple, easy and delicious!

try it, no doubt.,hehehe

that's all from me,,,

Thank you,,,^_^

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